Ius Laboris now in Thailand

12 Sep 2019

Ius Laboris now has a presence in the Thai market thanks to its affiliate firm R&T Asia. R&T Asia has grown to be a regional powerhouse in South East Asia with a foothold in nine countries and is the leading law firm in Singapore.

Pedro Pinto

For Ius Laboris, Thailand is nestled in a strategic location. The country's steady economic growth, a booming domestic consumer market, and strong exports make it a desired hub for many of its international clients.
Addressing the expansion, Sam Everatt , Executive Director at Ius Laboris, stated: " R&T Asia is one of the most prominent law firms in this space, and we're happy to continue our relationship. By establishing a presence in Thailand, we hope to strengthen our position in the South East Asian market and offer support not only our regional clients but also our American and European ones."
Deputy Managing Partner at R&T Asia (Thailand), Sui Lin Teoh , added: "Our affiliation with Ius Laboris in Singapore has been a very positive experience. We are excited that we will now be able to build on that to continue delivering superior service and solutions to our clients."
Chris Engels , Chairman at Ius Laboris, concluded: "At Ius Laboris, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our global legal expertise and worldwide reach. This extended partnership R&T Asia will be pivotal in helping us consolidate our presence in the region.